Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 3rd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/20/2012 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
President's Day
Math: Mad Minute and Minute Math- Spiral review 8-7 and Problem of Day 8-7 -
Deciding where to Start Dividing pgs. 180-181- Do problems 19-23 pg. 181
Reading: Skill Lesson- Summarizing: read pgs. 496-497 and WB pg. 201- Vocabulary: TE pg. 498b and WB pg. 202-Reading packet- vocabulary poster due Thursday
Social Studies: Northeast Living- WB pgs. 61-62 - Review WB pgs. 63-64
Guided Reading
English; DOL and Flip Chart - Phonics Workbook- Prefix re-pg. 151, Prefix mis- pg. 152, Prefix un- pg. 153
Spelling: Homophones- pg. 152- Write words to take home- WB pgs. 152-153
Phonics: Initial Consonant Digraph th- WB pg. 83
Math: Mad Minute and Minute Math- Problem of Day 8-8 and Spiral review 8-8- Factors pgs. 182-183
Reading: Read about author pg. 500 and pg. 514- Teacher read pgs. 501-513 asking questions and WB pg. 203- Reading Packet
Social Studies: Study Guide for Chapter 6
Guided Reading
English: DOL and Flip Chart- Phonics Workbook- Prefixes non-, un- pg. 154, Prefixes pre-, dis- pg. 155, Prefixes sub-, en-, mis- pg. 156
Spelling: Connections to reading- WB pg. 154- Write sentences- Crossword due Friday
Phonics: Initial Consonant Digraph wh - WB pg. 84
Math: Mad Minute and Minute Math- Factors- pgs. 182-183- Practice 8-8. Reteaching 8-8 and quick Check 8-8
Reading: Review story using teach worksheet- Students read pgs. 501-513- Selection test 205-206- Reading Packet
Social Studies: Daily Geography and map work
Terrific Kids
English: Creative Writing
Spelling: Connections to Writing- WB pg. 155- Word Study - WB pg. 156- crossword due Friday
Phonics: Initial Consonant Digraphs WB pg. 85
Math: I-Pads, Friday test questions, Accelerated Math
Reading: Reading Packet and Reading Spectrum
Health: Marijuana / Cocaine Read pgs. 184-185 and WB pg. 38, Refusing To Use Drugs Read pgs. 190-193
Spelling: Test over Homophones pg. 152