Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/28/2013 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Reading: Skill Lesson: Read pgs. 420-421 and WB pg. 71 - Vocabulary: TE pg. 422b and WB pg. 172 - Vocabulary poster due thursday
Phonics: Vowel Digraph: oo WB pg. 43
Math: Mad minute and Math Minute - Problem Solving: pgs. 134-135 - Center Activity 6-4 pg. 7, Practice 6-4, and Lesson 6-4
English: Flip chart - Linking Verbs: Part A: pgs. 76-77
Spelling: Easily Confused Words: TE pg. 441j - Write words to take home WB pg. 69
Social Studies: Learn about a Cultural History pgs. 30-31
Guided reading
Reading: Read about the author pg. 437 - Teacher read pgs. 423-436 asking questions - Text structure: TE pg. 437 and WB pg. 173
Math: Topic 6 test
English: Flip Chart - Linking Verbs: Part B: pg. 77
Spelling: Easily confused Words: TE pg. 441j - Think/Practice: Wb pg. 70 - Proofread: WB pg. 71
Social Studies: The regions of the Great Lakes pgs.32-33
Guided reading
Reading: Review story - Students read pgs. 423-436 - Selection test WB pgs. 175-176
Phonics: Vowel Digraph: oo WB pg. 44
Math: Mad Minute and Minute Math - Multiply 2-Digit Numbers - Daily Review 7-1 and Problem of the Day 7-1 pgs. 142-143 - Reteaching 7-1
Spelling: Easily Confused Words: TE pg. 441j - Sentence Dictation - Word search - Crossword
Social Studies: Compare Maps with different Scales pgs. 34-35
Guided Reading
Reading: Baseball Hall of Fame Read pgs. 439-441 -Paraphrasing: TE pg. 441b and WB pg. 177 - Possessives: TE pg. 441i and WB pg. 178
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Multiply 2-Digit Numbers pgs. 142-143 - Practice 7-1, Quick Check 7-1 and Lesson 7-1
English: Flip chart Linking Verbs: Part C: pg. 78
Spelling: Easily Confused Words: TE pg. 441j Review: WB pg. 72
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Creative Writing
Reading: Spectrum Reading
Math: I-Pads and Accelerated Math
English: Flip chart - Linking Verbs; Part D: pg. 79
Spelling: Test over Easily Confused Words; TE pg. 441j
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