Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 4th Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/19/2012 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute- Spiral review 9-6 and Problem of Day 9-6 - Quadrilaterals pgs. 206-207
Reading: Skill Lesson: Text Structure: Read pgs. 576-577 and WB pg. 241- Vocabulary: TE pg. 578b and WB pg. 242- Vocabulary poster due Thursday - Reading packet
Social Studies: Center for Communications: Graphic Organizer 7-2 - pg. 171- WB pgs. 76-68
Guided Reading
English: DOL and Flip Chart- More Irregular Verbs - Part A: pgs. 92-92
Spelling: Unit 27- Base words with Suffix -er: pg. 178- Write words to take home- Connections to Thinking: WB pg. 178 - Connections to Vocabulary WB pg. 179
Phonics: r-controlled vowels er, ir, ur WB pg. 96
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute- Spiral review 9-6 and Problem of Day 9-6 - Quadrilaterals- pgs. 206-207 - worksheets
Reading: Author: Read pgs. 592- Teacher read pgs. 579-592- comprehension questions worksheet- Text structure- Wb pg. 243- reading packet
Social Studies: Transportation in the Northeast - Graphic Organizer 7-3 and pg. 176- WB pg. 69-70- WB pg. 72
Guided Reading
English: DOL and Flip chart - More Irregular Verbs - Part B: pg. 93
Spelling: Connections to reading - WB pg. 180 - Connections to Writing - WB pg.181 - Word search
Phonics:; r-controlled Vowels are, air, ear- WB pg. 97
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Spiral review 9-7 and Problem of Day 9-7 - Problem Solving - pgs. 208-209
Reading:Review story - Student's read pgs. 579-592 - Selection test WB pgs. 245-246
Social Studies: Recycling - Graphic organizer 7-4 and pg. 190 - 'wb pgs. 73-74 - Review WB pgs. 75-76
Guided Reading
English: DOL and Flip Chart - More Irregular Verbs - Part C: pg. 94 and Part D: pg. 95
Spelling: Word Study WB pg. 182 - Sentences - Crossword
Phonics: r-controlled Vowels are, air, ear WB pg. 98
Math: Mad Minute - Topic 9 review
Reading: Meet the Universe's Main Attraction- Gravity - pgs. 594-595 - Spectrum reading
Social Studies: Daily Geography and map work
Terrific Kids
English: Creative Writing
Spelling: Spelling City - Grammar workshop
Phonics: r-controlled vowels ore, our
Math: Friday test questions - I-Pads - Accelerated Math
Reading: National Geographic
Health: Read pgs. 206-211 WB pg. 42
I-Pads / computers
Spelling: Test over Unit 27 Base words with Suffix -er: pg. 178
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