Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/11/2013 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Reading: Skill: Author's purpose: Read pgs. 556-557 and WB pg. 231 - Vocabulary: TE pg. 558b and WB pg. 232 - vocabulary poster due Thursday
Phonics: Vowel Diphthongs oi, oy WB pg. 55
Math: Mad Minute and Minute Math- Lesson 8-4 - Practice 8-5 -Spiral Review 8-6 and Problem of Day 8-6
English: Review pg. 100 Contractions: Phonics WB pgs. 128-130
Spelling: Vowels with no Sound Clues: TE pg. 575j - Write words to take home Pretest WB pg. 93 - Think/Practice WB pg. 94
Social Studies: Map Skills pgs. 40-41 - Regions of the Upper Plains pgs. 44-45
Guided Reading
Reading: Read about the author pg. 570 - Teacher read pgs. 559-569 asking questions while reading - Author's Purpose: TE pg. 569 and WB pg. 233
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Dividing 3-digit by 1-digit numbers - pgs. 178-179 Practice 8-6
Spelling: Vowels with no Sound clues TE pg. 575j - Proofread: WB pg. 95 - word search and crossword
Social Studies: Understand the Great Flood pgs. 46-47 - Learn about Tributaries pgs. 48-49
Guided Reading
Reading: Review story - Students read pgs. 559-569 - Selection test WB pgs. 235-236
Phonics: Silent Consonants kn, gn WB pg. 56
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Lesson 8-6 - Spiral Review 8-7 and Problem of Day 8-7 - Deciding Where to Start Dividing pgs. 180-181
English: Review pg. 101 - Inflected forms: Phonics WB pgs. 131-134
Spelling: Vowels with no Sound Clues: TE pg. 575j - Sentence Dictation TE pg. 575j and Review: WB pg. 96
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Creative Writing
Reading: Science Connection:" Read pgs. 572-575 - Steps in a Process: TE pg. 575b and WB pg. 237 - Spectrum reading
Math: I-Pads and Accelerated Math
English: Inflected Forms with -er, -est Phonics WB pgs. 135-137
Spelling: Test over Words with no Sound Clues TE pg. 575j
Get Ready