Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/18/2013 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Reading: Skill Lesson: Text structure: Read pgs. 576-577 - WB pg. 241 - Vocabulary: TE pg. 578b and WB pg. 242 - Vocabulary poster due Thursday
Phonics: Silent Consonants: kn, gn WB pg. 57
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Dividing Where to Start Dividing pgs. 180-181 0 Even # pg. 181 (14-27)
English: Flip Chart - packet - Possessives: Phonics: WB pgs. 141-143
Spelling: Using Just Enough Letters: TE pg. 595j - Write words to take home - Pretest WB pg. 97 and Think/Practice WB pg. 98
Social Studies: The Southeast Region Read pgs. 50-51 - Battles of Civil War: Read pgs. 56-57
Guided Reading
Reading: Read about the author pg. 592 - Teacher read pgs. 578-592 - questions while reading - Text structure TE pg. 591 and WB pg. 243
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Spiral Review 8-8 and Problem of Day 8-8 - Factors pgs. 182-183 - Lesson 8-7
English: Flip chart and packet - Possessives: Phonics WB pgs. 144-145
Spelling: Using Just Enough Letters TE pg. 5957 - Proofread: WB pg. 99 and word search
Social Studies: Read a Battlefield Map pgs. 58-59
Guided Reading
Reading: Review story - Students read pgs. 578-592 - Selection test WB pg.s. 245-246
Phonics: Silent Consonants wr, mb WB pg. 58
Math: Mafd Minute and Math Minute - Factors: pgs. 182-183 - Reteaching 8-8 - Practice 8-8 and Quick Check 8-8
Spelling: Using Just Enough Letters Te pg. 595j - Sentence Dictation - Crossword
Social Studies: Civil War Time Line pg. 61
Guided Reading
Reading: Science Connection - Read pgs. 594-595 - Graphic Sources TE pg. 595b and WB pg. 247 - Syllabication: TE pg. 595i and WB pg. 248
Math: Mad Minute and Math Minute - Spiral Review 8-9 and Problem of Day 8-9 - Pribme and Composite Numbers pgs. 184-185 Lesson 8-8
English: Flip chart and Packet - Base words Phonics WB pgs. 149-150
Spelling: Using Just Enough Letters TE pg. 595j and Review: WB pg. 100
Social Studies: Daily Geography
Creative Writing
Reading; Spectrum Reading
Math: I-Pads and Accelerated Math
English: Flip Chart and packet - Prefix re-, mis- Phonics WB pgs. 151-152
Spelling: Test over words Using Just Enough Letters: TE pg. 595j
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