Lesson Plans
Fiction 2nd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/14/2011 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Brave New World--finish book, discuss principles of BNW: the role of science in society, the role of applied psychology in society--conditioning, entertainment; discuss two secondary lit. essays; final study guide

Computer Lab--revise paragraphs, type responses to the two secondary lit. essays

Brave New World--review for final

1984--intro, connections to BNW: the title/time, the time of the opening lines--who controls it? all history, reality; can love survive?: love as a political act; the problem of excess production capacity: war in comparison to the manipulation of demand in BNW; using technology and the flow of information, including the connection between language and thought, to control--newspeak

Which of the above do students wonder about? Where's our information? How's it get there?

1984--ideas: Jr. Anti-Sex League, classed society, thoughtcrime, two minutes hate, slogans; read through the first pages through the two minutes hate, see video

1984--assignment series one: read through p.p. 87 (part 1), see handout for paragraphs/activities; due Wed., 11/23

1984--reading through part 1; paragraphs/activities