Lesson Plans
Fiction 2nd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/02/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
"1984"--review quiz; time in Oceania: uncertain diary first entry, Winston alters the past, going back in time, no one much remembers a time before the revolution, Winston purchases his paper and pen and the glass paperweight from an antique store, the Party slogan--who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past; read Part II chapters 1-2, questions: 1. Plot: How does Julia pass Winston the note? (s) 1a. Plot: After talking briefly in the cafeteria, they plan to meet. Where? (w) 2. Plot: When they meet in the "Golden Country," why don't they converse until they reach the grove of small ash trees? (s) 3. Character: Why does Julia laugh when Winston tells her he suspected her of being connected to the Thought Police? (s) 4. Theme: What's the "force that would tear the Party to pieces"?

"1984"--review questions, sex as political act; Part II chapters 3-4, questions: 1. Theme: What does the Party gain by controlling people's sexual expression? (l) 2. (bonus) Symbolism: Winston notices the glass paperweight and makes a metaphorical connection between it and the sky and the room. What other object has an enclosing "arch" the way the paperweight, the sky, and the room do? (w)

"1984"--review questions; read 5-7 , 1. Plot: What causes the proles to display more patriotism? (l) 2. Plot: What evidence suggests that Winston and Julia's relationship improves Winston's life? (l) 3. Plot: Julia doesn't believe Goldstein and the opposition to the Party exists. Who does she say invented it? (w) 4. Theme: Why? (s) Plot: Who does she say is likely dropping rocket bombs on London? (w) 5. Plot: How does O'Brien make contact with Winston? (s) 6. Character: Why did Winston suppress his memory of the last time he saw his mother and sister? (s) 7. Theme: What evidence suggests that the proles are still human? (l) 8. Theme: What's Winston convinced of as the chapter ends? (s)
"1984"--review questions; read 8-9 to the beginning of The Book, questions: 1. Plot: What privilege do the Inner Party members have? (s) Plot: 2. What are Winston and Julia not willing to do to oppose the Party? (s) 3. (bonus) Plot: Where's the "place where there is no darkness? (guessing is OK) (w) 4

"1984"--preview to The Book: continuous war, the goals of the three superpowers--the labor and resources of areas on the margin, yes, but the destruction of labor to not increase wealth and the collapse of the oligarchy, and in a "psychologically acceptable way", the governance cycles; read to the end of chapter 9

Video--"A Man for All Seasons"