Lesson Plans
Fiction 4th Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/04/2016 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Lord of the Flies--from the essay at the ind of the novel: Golding's intentions; allegory/archetype; review for final

mapping: finish mapping project

Lord of the Flies--final

1984--intro to Orwell; intro to 1984: not allegory, but representative of . . .; dystopian literature: a future society gone bad, examples; symbolism; paradox

the structure of the world, the structure of Oceania;

read chapter 1; words: vile, contrived, sanguine, conceivable, scrutinized, sordid, tableaux, truncheons, scarlet, alcove, flats, stricken, compromising, archaic, furtively, strident, interminable, adherents, unorthodoxy, formidable, spectacles, urbane, backslider, primal, heresies, inherently, doctrines, denouncing, dupes, compendium, clandestinely, inexorably, heretic, ravish, --definitions; questions

1984--review questions; read chapters 2 through 4, questions

1984--review questions; read chapter 5 and the appendix (299-312): Newspeak

1984--quiz on chapter 5 and Newspeak; read chapters 6-7: sex as means of control/rebellion, the novel's central--predictions