Lesson Plans
First Grade Music 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/29/2014 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocal Development:ostinatos with Ring Around the Rosie
Kodaly Work:song booklets
Instruments:none today
Folk Songs/Multicultural:In the Sunny Meadow
Mvt./Activities:Lucy Locket
Vocal Development:freedom in the voice and the body
Kodaly Work:Fooey, transparencies
Instruments: autoharps with Rosie
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Raise a Ruckus p.25
Mvt./Activities: Lucy Locket
Vocal Development:spinning head voice, breath energy
Kodaly Work:finish song booklets; start doing jumprope
Instruments:create patterns on Orff instruments for booklet songs
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Skip to My Lou p.21
Mvt./Activities:Walk Along John
Vocal Development:call and response with Down By the Bay
Kodaly Work:writing rhythms on slates
Instruments:maracas, claves with Baa, Baa; children create
Folk Songs/Multicultural:I'm Gonna Sing p.30
Mvt./Activities:Down By the Bay (with puppets)
Vocal Development:pitch matching assess
Kodaly Work:drum circle
Instruments:see above
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Raise a Ruckus
Mvt./Activities:Ring Around the Rosie