Lesson Plans
First Grade Music 3rd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/05/2012 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Concepts this Week: Review writing notes on the staff
Vocal Development:Singing higher and lower
Kodaly Work:New story about Snoopy Shelly
Instruments:look at higher and lower on the piano
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: I Like to Whistle
Mvt./Activities:Mighty Pretty Motion
Vocal Development:continue practicing pitch matching
Kodaly Work:new story about Morris and Milton playing hooky
Instruments:practice higher and lower on mallet instruments
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:She'll Be Coming
Mvt./Activities:Cut the Cake
Vocal Development:use letter ladder for singing intervals
Kodaly Work:practice Tidy O and Frog song
Instruments: review relationship of sol to la on mallet instruments, use chromatic add-ons
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:If Your'e Happy
Mvt./Activities:Thread Follows the Needle
Vocal Development:solo singing, children lead warm ups
Kodaly Work:new story about Jack the baby jumper
Instruments:add patterns to Tidy O and Frog with xylophone mallets and drums
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Somebody Waiting
Vocal Development:same as above
Kodaly Work:Practice Jack, Tidy O , Frog songs, clap rhythms
Instruments:play two notes at a time with xylophones, alternating chord patterns
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Dixie
Mvt./Activities:Circle Round the Zero