Lesson Plans
First Grade Music 4th Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/30/2012 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Goals for the Week:playing, singing, moving to concept songs, transparencies
Vocal Development: singing phrases
Kodaly Work:derive Frog song
Instruments: play d-m-s chords with "Marching"
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:Dixie
Mvt./Activities:Mighty Pretty Motion, phrases for Marching
Vocal Development: using breath energy, belly breathing
Kodaly Work:practice singing all 4 songs with solfeggio and rhythms
Instruments: play Marching on xylophones
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Serasponda
Mvt./Activities:Billy Billy, phrases for Frog
Vocal Development: singing loudly and softly
Kodaly Work:letter ladder and transparencies
Instruments:Play Frog on xylophones
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: Little Swallow
Mvt./Activities:Tidy O game and phrase movement
Vocal Development: singing sound forward with breath energy
Kodaly Work:transparencies, use wood letters
Instruments:play Jack on xylophones, practice d-m-s chords on glockenspiels
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural: choose from book, I Have Lost Do
Mvt./Activities:Punchinella, phrase movement for Jack Be Nimble
Vocal Development:tall posture and energy
Kodaly Work:Tommy Song, and Strawberry Jam
Instruments:more transparencies
Folk Songs/Multi-Cultural:choose from book
Mvt./Activities:Thread Follows the Needle