Lesson Plans
First grade music 3rd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/06/2014 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Concepts for the Week:learn sol, mi, and la
Vocal Development:
Kodaly Work:Sing Clock Song, use body motions, Acka Backa same
Instruments:triangle, woodblocks for Clock Song, maracas for Acka Backa
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Bingo
Mvt./Activities:Francisco; new: Wind it This-A-Way
Songs of the Season:Let's Make a Snowman
Vocal Development:
Kodaly Work:review story about the ball, introduce Sol-Mi
Instruments: eighth notes and quarter notes patterns with Shiloh, improvise on mallet instruments
Folk Songs/Multicultural:Yankee Doodle
Mvt./Activities:story for Billy Bad, game
Songs of the Season:Five Snowmen Fat
Vocal Development:
Kodaly Work:introduce la, hand signs and letter ladder; sing Snowman song and figure out the solfege; writing on slates
Instruments:sandblocks and rainmakers for the snow man song
Folk Songs/Multicultural:
Mvt./Activities:Tennis balls with Shiloh, and In and Out
Songs of the Season:Old King Glory
Vocal Development:
Kodaly Work:What's Your Name?; figure out the solfege, use slates; introduce on staff
Instruments:finger cymbals with What's Your Name?
Folk Songs/Multicultural:
Mvt./Activities:Same and Different movement game
Songs of the Season:new snowman song
Vocal Development:echo singing with soloists; Down By the Bay
Kodaly Work:do transparencies and hand out booklets
Instruments:use autoharps
Folk Songs/Multicultural:
Songs of the Season:Falling Snow