Lesson Plans
Forensic Science 2nd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/18/2013 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Hair
Lesson: We will finish the notes about hair collection and proceed with a lab on hair.
Assignment: Work on the chapter 8 review wkst
Topic: Fibers
Lesson: We will go through the notes about fibers and watch a video about fiber evidence. If time permits, we will also begin the section on paint evidence.
Assignment: Work on the chapter 8 review wkst
Topic: Fiber lab
Lesson: Students will ID several different fiber types by visual comparison and a burn test to match fibers from suspects to the crime scene.
Assignment: Finish the chapter 8 review wkst
Topic: Review of chapter 8
Lesson: We will finish any remaining notes on paint evidence and spend the time reviewing for a test over chapter 8 tomorrow.
Assignment: Study for the chapter 8 test
Topic: Chapter 8 test on hair, fibers and paint
Lesson: Students will test over chapter 8. As they finish, they should begin reading the next chapter on drug evidence.
Assignment: Read chapter 9