Lesson Plans
General Music 7 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2013 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Music Listening Activities/Vocabulary/Assessments:
Continue Baroque: Bach, Handel, Telemann. Look at instruments of the day
Start Jazz genre - Ella Fitzgerald
Contrast vocal timbres of country music singers and their pieces
Highlight music elements for each piece we listen to
Add to vocabulary sheet
Rhythms Practice Activities/Assessments:
Continue new learning of 6/8 rhythms
More practice writing simple meter rhythms
Students create dictations for the rest of the class. Each one plays while the rest of the class writes what they heard
Note Reading Practice Activities/Assessments:
Note reading of the rote songs we learned at beginning of quarter.
Practice again writing home tone notes on the staves.
Write easy do-re-mi patterns and la-ti-do patterns
Assessed on playing the C scale each hand separately on keyboards. Practice playing the a minor scale on the piano
Work on chords in the key of C and a minor
Group Singing/Improvising/Accompanying:
Introduce Bow Belinda piece
Students sing The Fox, and Old Betty Larkin with music copies; add chords with Orff instruments
Students want to create another drum ensemble with their groups
Music Creating; Ensemble-Solo/Assessments:
Finish presenting their Composition One. They used a beat pattern found in the keyboard, created a contrasting drum pattern for the class to play and then wrote a short melody to go over the top. They can choose an instrument sound other than piano for their melody.