Lesson Plans
Geography 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/24/2012 Instructor: Jennifer Stevenson Academics
Immigration and American Culture

Share Family Story Projects
Brief overview of immigration's contribution to cultures in the United States and Canada: Majority and Minority Cultures, Push and Pull Factors

Homework: "The Immigrant Experience" (Due Tuesday)
Immigration and Native Americans

Overview of cross-cultural interactions
Review for the U.S. and Canada Test

Homework: Prepare for the Test
Test - United States and Canada

Begin Latin America Maps

Homework: Work on Maps
Introduction to Latin America

Basic Overview of the Countries of Latin America
Work on Maps

Homework: Complete Physical and Political Maps (Due Friday)
Physical Characteristics

Brief look at the major physical characteristics of Latin America
Water in Latin America

Homework: Chapter 13 Worksheet (Tuesday)
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