Lesson Plans
Geography 4th Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/16/2012 Instructor: Claire Stich Academics
Review Africa Maps
Announce quiz questions:
What are the root causes of problems in Africa?
Why does Africa get missed in the spotlight of International affairs so often?
Begin Chapter 24 reading - pages 506-517
Fill in information on blank maps
Chapter 25 - pages 522-537
Sections 1-2
Complete questions 1-10 (define them, no crosswords) 11,13,17,20,25-27
Chapter 26 - pages 540-559
Sections 1-4
Complete questions 1-8 (define them only), 9,15,16,22
Chapter 27 - pages 564-583
Sections 1-4
Complete questions 1-10 (define them only), 14,22,25
Review Quiz questions
Africa Quiz
Begin Arab Spring Activity
Read about Tunisia, Egypt and Libya
IR time if remaining
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