Lesson Plans
Global Study 8A 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/25/2014 Instructor: Shannon Helgeson Academics
World map practice
Reading notes from 40-43 due today
Russia changes from communism to capitalism
What are these forms of economy?
What has this change meant for the Russian people?
Continue w/Lykov video part 3
Review of 3 forms of economies
Making 3 posters - 1 for each form of economy - group work - in class
World Map Practice
Finish Lykov video - end of part 3 and part 4
What is it like to live in the tundra?
Test during GST - Media Center
World Map Practice
Handing out Powerpoint notes on Early to Imperial Russian History for next unit (available online as well)
No School