Lesson Plans
Grad Reading Prep Block 6 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/22/2013 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
"Marie Laveau" reading and Q's/exchange,correct
Wordpak 2, exercise 5-go over, do 6.
Finish "The Bargain"
Hand out literary terms sheet for review and study before
May 2 Grad Reading re-test
IR/work time/testing
Reading assign. "Buck O'Neil" plus Q's
Wordpak 2, Exercise 6
Quiz over Wordpak 2 on Wednesday
IR/work time/testing
May 2 Grad Reading re-test

SUB/"Ditch cleaning"??)
Quiz over Wordpak 2
Read aloud "Buck O'Neil",exchange and go over questions, correct for grade
Read new short story from 9th grade book aloud/discuss/any literary terms
IR/work time/testing
May 2 Grad Reading re-test
Reading assign. given in class/do questions for MON.
Wordpak 3 handout do exercise 1 and 2 for MON.
2:30PM (Water games)-Spring Week
"Day of Glory" read aloud
Work time/IR/testing
May 2 Grad Reading re-test
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