Lesson Plans
Grade Four 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/02/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Labor Day, No School
English: Getting Acquainted,
unpacking backpack,
sharing stories
Reading: Read- Miss Nelson Is Missing and do activities,
Read- Oh the Thinks You Can Think
Spelling: Nothing for today
Math: Mad Minute
Points and Lines pgs. 250-251
Practice 9-1 and Reteaching 9-1
Guided Reading: Explain what Guided Reading is
Multi-Age: Bus Safety
Health: Sense Organs
Read pgs. 2-5 and do Activity Book pgs.1-2
Nursing Home: We will not be going today
English: Daily Oral Language
Flip Chart
Recognize and Write Statements
Grammar workbook pg.1
Reading: Setting: Read pgs.20-21 Practice Book pg.1
Listen to Audio Tape
Vocab for new story Practice Book pg.2
Spelling: Vowel Sounds in Few and Moon
Write words to take home
Pre-test Spelling Book pg.1
Math: ART just for this week
Guided Reading: The four groups will have different leveled books to
read and do activities
Multi-Age: Bus Safety
Geography: Read pgs. 8-9
When and Where Atlas: Read pgs. 10-11
Teacher-made ditto pg. 10
English: DOL
Flip Chart
Recognize and Write Questions
Grammar Book pg.2
Reading: Teacher read "Visit With Grandpa" pgs. 22-38
Read author page 39
Spelling: Think and Practice from Spelling book pg.2
Math: Mad Minute
Classifying Angles pgs.252-253
Practice 9-2 and Reteaching 9-2
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Bus Safety
Health: Sense Organs
Read pgs. 6-9 and do Activity Book pgs.3-4
Geography: Vocabulary for Chapter 1
Graphic organizer 1
What is Geography? read pgs. 12-19
English: Computers
Spelling: Proofread and Write using Spelling Book pg.3
Math: Mad Minute
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines pgs. 254-255
Practice 9-3 and Reteaching 9-3
Maps: Picture from above Pg.4
Multi-Age: Bus Safety
Health: Sense Organs Read pgs.10-15 and do Activity Book pg.5
Geography: What is Geography? Read pgs.12-19
Teacher-made ditto pg.16
Workbook pgs.1-2