Lesson Plans
Grade Four 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/16/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL and Flip Chart
Sentence or Fragment TE pg.69f
Grammar Book pg. 6
Reading: VOCABULARY for new story TE pg.46b
Practice Book pg.12
Listen to Audio
Teacher read pgs.46-65
Spelling: Short e and Long e
TE pg.69j
Write words to take home
Spelling Book pg.5
Math: ART
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Citizenship
Health: We all have feelings
Read pgs.26-29
Dictionary Skills
Terific Kids
English: DOL andFlip Chart
Subjects and Predicates TE pg.69f
Grammar Book pgs.7-8
Reading: Students read pgs.46-65
Respond to questions on teacher-made ditto
Spelling: Think and Practice TE pg.69j
Spelling Book pg.6
Spelling Dictation using sentences 1-5 on pg.69j
Math: Mad Minute
Parallelograms pgs.262-263
Reteaching 9-7 and Practice 9-7
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Citizenship
Health: Mangage Stress
Read pgs.30-31
Activity Book pg.8 together
Nursing Home

English: DOL and Flip Chart
Subjects and Predicates TE pg.69g
Grammar Book pg.9-10
Reading: Sequence: Practice Book pg.13
Read pgs.68-69
Cause/Effect: TE pg.69b
Practice Book pg.17
Creative Writing: Hundred Penny Box
Math: Mad Minute
Perimeter pgs.264-265
Reteaching 9-8 and Practice 9-8
Guided Reading
Multi-Age: Citizenship
Geography: Read pgs.26-29
Workbook pgs.5-6
Shetek Trip
Spelling: Review Spelling Practice pg.8
Spelling practice pg. 7
Computers-Word processing thoughts from The Hundred Penny Box
Spelling: Test of short e and long e
Math: Mad MInute
Circles pgs.266-267
Reteaching 9-9 and Practice 9-9
Reading: Vowel Digraphs
Pracitce Book pg.18
Research Skills
Practice Book pgs.19-20
Multi-Age: Gridiron Geography
Health: The Challenges of Friendship
Read pgs.32-37
Geography: How do Geographers acquire and use information?
Read pgs.30-31 and do workbook pgs.7-8