Lesson Plans
Grade Four 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/30/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
ENGLISH- DOL, flip chart, Identify simple and complete subjects, Grammar Book p16
READING-Skill lesson p96-97, Authors;s Purpose, prac book p31, vocab., prac book 32, audio tape
SPELLING-Long vowels a,i,o, write spelling words to take home, spelling book p13
GUIDED READING-1. Littles finish paper work 2. leveled readers 3. finish paper work
MULTI-AGE- landforms, graphic organizer 15, read landforms section, fan blowing over ice, create glacier
HEALTH-working with others, read 40-43, activity book p11
GEOGRAPHY- COMPUTERS/ Dictionary-alphabetical order ex 7&8
ENGLISH-DOL, flip chart, imperative and exclamatory sentences, grammar book p17, Terrific Kids
READING-teacher read p98-113, questions from ditto
SPELLING-Think and practice, spelling book p13, sentence dictation
MATH- mad minute, one addend greater than ten p6-7, mixed review 39-43, p7, practice 1-3, D.R. 1-3, journal
GUIDED READING-1.Are:read chapter 1-4, 2.Charlotte:#1before reading, read chapters 1-3 3. Stone: #1&2, before reading, read chapter 1-3
MULTI-AGE-read people and animals section, 2 dittos, graphic organizer 16, read Native American section, movie
HEALTH-review chapter 1 by using study guide
GEOGRAPHY-Nursing Home
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip chart, imperative and exclamatory sentences, grammar book p18
READING-Literature, read 114-115, Authors Purpose, fact/opinion, practice book p37
SPELLING-Creative Writing, write family descriptions
MATH-mad minute, subtraction facts through 18, pgs 8-9, prac. 1-4, DR 1-4, journal
GUIDED READING-1. questions from chapter 1-4, 2. questions 1-3 under chapter 1-3 3. Stone, read chapters 1-3, vocab
MULTI-AGE-recycling speaker, film
GEOGRAPHY-Health test ch 1 GEOGRAPHY wb 9, 10
ENGLISH-DOL, flip chart, imperative and Exclamatory sentences, grammar book p19-20
READING-phonics cvce & vccv patterns, practice book p38, outline, prac book 39-40
SPELLING-proofread and write, spelling book p 15, review, spelling book p16
MATH-mad minute, fact families p10-11, prac. 1-5, DR 1-5, journal
GUIDED READING-1. read chapters 5-9, 2. read chapters 4-6, 3. questions for chapters 1-3
MULTI-AGE-film, Harry to speak
HEALTH- chapter 1 test
GEOGRAPHY-chapter 1 test
SPELLING-final test on long vowels a,i,o
MATH-mad minute, choosing the operation, p12-13, prac. 1-6, DR 1-6, journal
GUIDED READING-maps, land and water p 7
MULTI-AGE- gridiron geography, film
HEALTH-parade and pepfest
GEOGRAPHY-parade and pepfest