Lesson Plans
Grade Four 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/07/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
ENGLISH-DOL& Flip chart, Simple Sentences, grammar book pg 21
READING-Skill lesson, Character. read pgs 116-117, vocab, practice book pg42, listen to Hudio
SPELLING-Phonics, 3-letter blends, practice book pg 48, spelling-words with thr, scr, str, squ, write spelling list
GUIDED READING-1. read ch 5-9, 2. questions 1-5 under chapter 4-6, 3. ch4-5
MULTI-AGE-read European section, Reasons for immigration, film, northeast worksheet
HEALTH-Family Meets their needs, read 50-55
ENGLISH-DOL& flip chart, Compound and Complex Sentences, grammar book p22
READING-read p 118-131, questions from margin,
SPELLING-practice book p17, think and practice, practice book p18
MATH-mad minute, checkpoint pg 13, place value-hundreds, p14-15, practice 1-7, DR1-7
GUIDED READING-1. questions for ch 5-9 2. questions 1-5 ch 4-6 3. chapters 4-5
MULTI-AGE-Northeast worksheet, Ethnic Communities, graphic organizer 18
HEALTH-Families Work Together, read p 57-61
GEOGRAPHY-Nursing Home
ENGLISH-DOL & Flip Chart, Compound and Complex Sentences, grammar book p23
READING-read p118-131, questions from ditto
SPELLING-Creative Writing "Lunch Time"
MATH-mad minute, place value-thousands, pg 16-17, practice 1-8, DR 1-8
GUIDED READING-1. read chapters 10-14 2. read chapters 7-10 3. questions for chapters 4-5
MULTI-AGE-Center for Communications, graphic organizer, Transportation, graphic organizers, wb 71, graphic organizer, ditto
HEALTH-2:00 Spanish
GEOGRAPHY-Our Nations Landforms and Water, vocab Ch 2, graphic organizer, read pg 34-39
ENGLISH-DOL& Flip chart, Compound and Complex sentences, grammar book p 24 & 25
READING-Social Studies connection, read p133-135, Theme, practice book p47, TEST
SPELLING-Proofread and Write, practice book p19, spelling review, prac. book 20
MATH-mad minute, place value-millions, pg18-19, practice 1-9, DR 1-9, journal, game
GUIDED READING-1. read chapters 10-14 2. read chapters 7-10 3. #7
SPELLING-TEST over words with thr, scr, str, squ / map
MATH-mad minute, review pg 14-19 using pg 402, journal
GUIDED READING-Parts of a Book, practice book p49-50 / map
MULTI-AGE-Gridiron Geography
HEALTH-Families work together, read p 57-61, activity book p12