Lesson Plans
Grade Four 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/21/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, Subjects in Sentences, grammar book p26
READING-read te 145a-145d, Visualizing, practice book 51, Vocabulary wb52, listen to audio tape
SPELLING-vowel sounds in put and out, write words to take home, spelling practice book pg21
GUIDED READING-1. ARE:read chapters 20-25 2. WEB: read chapters 11-15 3. TASTE: chapter 3
MULTI-AGE-Minnesota Fish
HEALTH-You are growing cell by cell, read pg 64-69, activity book p14
GEOGRAPHY-Keyboarding/Dictionary ex 12
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, nouns, grammar book p28
READING-teacher read p148-163, questions, Visualizing, practice book p53
SPELLING-Think and Practice, spelling practice book p22, sentence dictation 1-5, p21
MATH-mad minute, rounding greater numbers, p24-25, DR 1-2, practice 1-12, journal
GUIDED READING-1.ARE: questions from chapters 20-25 2. WEB: read chapters 11-15 3.TASTE: chapter 4
MULTI-AGE-Minnesota Fish
HEALTH-you are growing cell by cell, read p 64-69, activity book 14
GEOGRAPHY-Nursing Home
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, noun, grammar book p28
READING-students read p148-163 when answering questions from teacher-made ditto
SPELLING-Creative Writing, write a travel brochure from spelling practice book p23
MATH-mad minute, using a bar graph p26-27, practice 1-13, DR 1-13, journal
GUIDED READING-1. ARE: discuss packet 2. WEB: questions from chapters 11-15 3. TASTE: chapter 5
MULTI-AGE-Minnesota Fish
GEOGRAPHY-using elevation, read p40-41, wb 13-14
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, nouns te 167h, grammar book p29, te167h grammar book p30
READING-Literature Connection- Fable, read p165-167, making judgements, practice book p57, TEST
SPELLING-proofread &write, spelling practice book p23, review, spelling practice book p24
MATH-mad minute, checkpiont 2, p27, chapter 1 TEST p 28, journal
GUIDED READING-1. Leveled Readers 2. WEB: read chapters 16-19 3. TASTE: chapter 6
MULTI-AGE-Minnesota Fish
HEALTH-Your Brain and Nervous System, read p 70-73, activity book p16-17
GEOGRAPHY-A Land of Rich Resources, read p42-47, graphic organizer 4
ENGLISH-COMPUTERS, pizza geography
SPELLING-TEST-words with vowel sounds in put and out/ magazines, newspapers, periodicals practice book p59-60
MATH-mad minute, chapter1 ditto TEST, calculator ditto, journal
GUIDED READING-READING-phonics, Diphthongs, practice book p58
MULTI-AGE-Gridiron Geography
HEALTH-map, locating continents and oceans p10-11
GEOGRAPHY-art Project