Lesson Plans
Grade Four 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/28/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
ENGLISH-DOL,Flip Chart, nouns, grammar book pg 31,proper nouns, grammar book pg 32
READING-Skill lesson-cause/effect, practice book pg 61, vocabulary, practice book pg 62, listen to audio
SPELLING-Including all letters, write words to take home, spelling book pg 25
GUIDED READING-1. Emily: read chapters 1-2 2. Web: chapters 16-19, 3. Taste: chapter 7
MULTI-AGE-Matter- graphic organizer 1, lesson pgs e4--e5, wb 162 (3rd), 163 (3rd)
HEALTH-Your Brain and Nervous System, read pgs 70-73, Activity book 16 together, do activity book pg 17
GEOGRAPHY-Keyboarding, dictionary ex 12
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, Terrific Kids
READING-Teacher read pgs 170-188, asking questions throughout, practice book pg 63
SPELLING-Think and Practice, spelling book pg 26, sentence dictation 1-5
MATH-mad minute, cum. review pgs 32-33, two digit addition pgs 36, practice 2-1, DR 2-1
GUIDED READING-1. Emily: questions 1-4 2. Web: questions from chapters 16-19 3. Taste: chapter 8
MULTI-AGE-Matter Can Change From One State To Another, lesson 2 pgs e14-e15, use wb pg 164-165, wb pg 167 (3rd) together
HEALTH-study guide chapter 2
GEOGRAPHY-Nursing Home
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, proper nouns, grammar book pg 34, look at grammar book pg 33
READING-students read pgs 170-188, answers questions from teacher-made ditto
SPELLING-Creative Writing, letter of acceptance, reading te193d
MATH-mad minute, estimating sums pgs 38-39, practice 2-2, DR 2-2, journal
GUIDED READING-1.Emily: questions 1-4 2. Web: read chapters 20-22, 3.Taste: packet
MULTI-AGE-How Can Matter Be Measured? Investigate pgse20-e21, using wb 168-169, demonstrate e23 to whole class
GEOGRAPHY-A LAND OF RICHES, Read PGS 42-47, teacher made ditto pg 46, wb 15 and wb16
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, proper nouns, grammar book pg 35
READING-socila studies connection pgs 190-193, compare/contrast te 193b, practice book pg 67, selection test practice book pg 55-56
SPELLING-Proofread and Write, spelling book pg 27, Review, spelling book pg 28
MATH-mad minute, M&M ditto, popcorn learning center
GUIDED READING-1. Emily: read chapters 3-4 2. Web: read chapters 20-22 3. Taste: packet
MULTI-AGE-use page e26 from 3rd grade book and discuss tools, wb pg 172, activity pg e33
HEALTH-finish study guide chapter 2
GEOGRAPHY-A Land of Many Climates, read pg 48-51, graphic organizer 5, teacher made ditto pg 50
ENGLISH-computers/pizza geography
SPELLING-test over words: including all letters
MATH-mad minute, three digit addition pgs 40-41, practice 2-3, DR 2-3, journal
GUIDED READING-phonics te193i, practice book 68, research skills te193l, practice book pg 69-70
MULTI-AGE-Gridiron Geography
HEALTH-chapter 2 test, map what is in North and South America pg 18
GEOGRAPHY-A Land of Many Climates, wb 17, wb 18