Lesson Plans
Grade Four 2nd Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 12/17/2001 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Play practice 8:15
Reading: Teacher read 142-152 Questions from the margin DO WB 64
Math: mad minute, Properties of zero and one pgs. 108-109, mixed review 53-62 pg. 109, DO practice 4-4 and DR 4-4
Dictionary: Ex. 27 Still more guide words
Social: WB 45 and 46 Our Heritage of Liberty read 121-125, graphic orgaizer 13
Science: Looking at Ecosystems
Spanish 2:30
Health: Physical Fitness 98-103, activity book 21
Terrific Kids
Play practice 9:15
Math: mad minute, The order and grouping property pgs. 110-111 DO practice 4-5 and DR 4-5
Dictionary: Ex. 28 Finding the guide words
Social: Heitage of Liberty read 121-125 WB 47 and 48
Science: Looking at Ecosystems
Nursing Home
Play Performance
Math: mad minute, using a diagram pgs. 112-113, Do practice 4-6
Dictionary: Finish Ex. 28 from yesterday, Finding the guide words
Social: Strength in Unity, graphic organizer 14 Read pg. 132-135
Science: Looking at Ecosystems
Health: Study Guide chapter 3

English: DOL, Review Verbs of more than one word pgs. 80-81, teacher-made ditto
WB 32 together, DO PM 32
Reading: Students read 142-152 questions from teacher-made ditto
Context clues TE 272, DO WB 67, Cause/Effect TE 306-307, DO WB 74 together, Vocab TE 308-309
Math: mad minute, Review pg. 408, DO checkpoint 1 pg. 113, DR 4-6
Map: The Southern States pg. 45
Social: Strength in Unity read 132-135, WB 49 and 50
Library: 2:00
Science: Looking at Ecosystems
Health: Chapter 3 Test
CPT 2 hour late start
Math: mad minute, multiplying 6 and 7 pgs. 114-115 DO Rractice 4-7 DR 4-7
Dictionary: Ex. 29 Trying to find words in the dictionary
Social: WB 51 and 52
Christmas Party