Lesson Plans
Grade Four 2nd Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 12/31/2001 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Present Tense pgs. 82-83 together
Weekly Reader
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, Multiplying 8 and 9 pgs. 116-117, DO Practice 4-8 DR. 4-8
Map: Creating Your Own Grid map pg. 46
Social: Study Guide Chapter 5
Science: Ecosystems
Health: Chapter 4 Nutrients and Your Digestive System read 112-117
English: DOL, Review present tense using teacher made ditto and WB 33, DO PM 33
Reading: Guided Reading
Teacher read pgs. 182-193 questions from margin, students read 182-193 questions from teacher-made ditto
Math: mad minute, Multiplication Table, 0-9 pgs. 118-119 DO DR 4-9, Practice 4-9
Map: Getting to Pirate's Island pg. 47
Social: Study Guide Chapter 5
Mavis Beacon 1:30
Library 2:00
Science: Ecosystems
Health: Nutrients and Your Digestive System read 112-117, hand out teacher-made ditto for Sctivity pg. 25
Grad Standard Mystery
Art: 9:15
Math: mad minute, Multiples and Common Multiples pgs. 120-121 together
Dictionary: Ex. 30 Finding Guide Words
Social: Chapter 5 TEST
Science: Ecosystems
Health: Food and the Nutrients it Contains read pgs. 118-121