Lesson Plans
Grade Four 2nd Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 01/14/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: verbs ending in -y, pg. 86, practice 35, WB 35, DOL
Spelling: Unit 14, Final |er|, write words to take home, pgs 90-91
Reading: Guided reading
Math: mad minute, Cum. Review, pgs. 128-129, meaning of division, pgs 132-133, practice 5-1, DR 5-1
Dictionary: exercise 28, trying to find words in the dictionary
Social: Environment and society, read 154-155, WB 57, WB 58
Science: Investigate C4-C5, Earth's structure, Lesson 1, WB 103, Read C6-C9, vocab for chapter C1
Spanish: 2:30
Health: Activity Book pg 29
English: DOL, past tense with helping verbs, pgss. 87-89 together
Spelling: Extra ditto, Unit 14
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, dividing by Two, Three, Four, pgs. 134-135, practice 5-2, DR 5-2
Dictionary: alphabetize
Social: cut-away diagram, pgs. 156-157, WB 59
Science: Read C6-C9, questions 1-5, pg C9, WB 107
Nursing Home
English: Creative writing - What a miserable day!, pg 11
Spelling: Pg. 93 together, Do pg 92, Sentence dictation 1-5, pgs 93
Reading: Guided reading
Math: mad minute, dividing by three, four, five pgs.136-137, practice 5-3, DR 5-3
Dictionary: Exercise 21, finding words in parts of the dictionary
Social: Northeast Living, graphic organizer 17, read pgs. 158-161
Science: Earthquakes and How They Are Measured, Lesson 2, WB 103, Read C12-15
Health: Study Guide, Chapter 4
English: DOL, Review Past Tense with helping verbs using teacher-made ditto
WB 36 together, DO PM 36
Spelling: Pg 93 together - Unit 14 TEST
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, multiplication and division pgs. 138-139 Practice 5-4
Dictionary: Ex. 29 Finding Guide Words
Social: Read 158-161 WB 61 and 62
Mavis Beacon: 1:30
Library: 2:00
Health: Chapter 4 TEST
No-School - Teacher In-service