Lesson Plans
Grade Four 2nd Q 01.02--Merrick Lesson Plans
Week: 11/05/2001 Instructor: Shelly Merrick Academics
English-DOL 10 Maintain p 60-61
Reading-Guided Reading
Skills-Ex.28 trying to find words
Math-adding & subt. time prac. 3-3
Spelling-unit 9
Science-Plants from seeds/Play prac.
Social-Play prac.
Health-p 68-69 lesson checkup

English-Terrific Kid
Reading-Guided Reading
Skillls-Locating Cities
Math-p 74-75 6-24 even
Spelling-p 60-62
Science-Play prac. 1-2
Health-Nursing Home

English- DOL Creative Writing
Reading- Guided Reading
Skills- Guide words ex 32
Math- D.R.3-4, p. 76-77 10-17
Spelling- p.63 Dictate Sentences
Science- Review
Social-Unit 2 chpt. 4 lesson 1 p.83-89
Health- Lesson 4 p. 70-71 AB15
English-DOL,What is a verb? p77 ws30
Reading-Guided Reading
Skills-Draw your own map
Math-Measuring in Centm. p 78-79 4-12 22-27
Spelling- Review
Science- Prac 1-2 2:00 test
Social- 2:30-3:00 Skills work shop p94-95
Health- Computers
English- DOL ws 31 p.78-79
Reading- Guided Reading
Skills- around the world
Math- yarn math
Spelling- Test
Science- prac 1-2
Social- Library 2:00-2:30
Health- lesson 4 p72-74 ab16-17