Lesson Plans
Grade Four 2nd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/11/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
ENGLISH-DOL, flip chart, singular and plural nouns, grammar book pg 41, irregular plural nouns, grammar book pg 42
READING-skill lesson theme, wb 81, vocabulary, wb 82, listen to audio
SPELLING-homophones, write list, spelling practice book pg 33
MATH-mad minute, checkpoint 1 pg 45, extra practice pg 404
GUIDED READING-1. Gus: read chapter 2 (pgs16-24) 2. Stuart: read chapters 5-6 (pages 21-35) 3. Emily: questions 1-4 from chapters 5-6
HEALTH-Christmas Play
Keyboarding/Dictionary ex 15
ENGLISH-DOL, flip chart, Terrific Kids
READING-teacher read pgs 214-229, questions from margin, wb 83
SPELLING-Think and Practice, spelling practice book pg34, proofread and write, spelling practice book pg 35
MATH-mad minute, two digit subtraction pg 46-47, practice 2-6, DR 2-6, journal
GUIDED READING-1. Gus: questions 1-2 for chapter 2 2.Stuart: questions 1-2, from chapters 5-6 3. Emily: read us a scary story
MULTI-AGE-readers theater
HEALTH-Christmas Play
Nursing Home
ENGLISH-DOL, flip chart, Irregular Plural Nouns, grammar book pg 43 and 44
READING-students read pgs 214-229, teacher made ditto of questions, test wb pg 85-86
SPELLING-Creative Writing, pgs 231c-231d, write a story
MATH-mad minute, estimating differences pgs 48-49, practice 2-7, DR 2-7, journal
GUIDED READING-1. Gus: Read chapter 3 (pages 25-31) 2. Stuart: read chapters 7-8 (pages 36-56) 3. Emily: read chapters 7-8 (pages 150-195)
Christmas Play
ENGLISH-DOL, Flip Chart, irregular plural nouns, grammar book pg 45
SPELLING-review, spelling practice book pg 36, sentence dictation 1-5
MATH-READING-read pgs 230-231, cause/effect, practice book pg 87, vowel digraphs, practice book pg 88
GUIDED READING-1. Gus: question 1-2 for chapter 3 2.Sturart: read chapters 7-8(pages 36-56 3. Emily:Read chapters 7-8 (pages 150-195)
HEALTH-Christmas Play
SPELLING-final test on homophones
MATH-mad minute, three digit subtraction pgs 50-51, practice 2-8, DR 2-8, journal
GUIDED READING-following directions, wb 89-90 MAP-north south, east ,west pg22
MULTI-AGE-Gridiron Geography
HEALTH-Christmas Play