Lesson Plans
Grade Four 3rd Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 02/18/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Review other pronouns using WB 52-53, DO PM 50
Spelling: Unit 19, kl,ng,kw words, write list to take home, pg 120-121
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: Geometry
Dictionary: Ex. 33 Finding Guide Words
Social: Unit 4 Read 196-197 Teacher-made ditto, Chapter 8 The Land Graphic Organizer 22
Science: Study Guide Chapter 2
Health: Medicines, Drugs, and Health vocab. Chapter 6 read 173-179
English: DOL
Terrific Kids
Spelling: Extra ditto, Unit 19
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: Mad Minute, multiplying tens, hundreds, thousands, pgs 162-163, journal, Do DR6-1
Map: Locating Cities in Europe pg. 59
Social: Vocab for Chapter 8 read 198-203 teacher-made ditto pg. 201 WB 77 & 78
Science: TEST C2
Nursing Home
English: DOL, Creative Writing "Bath Time" pg. 15
Spelling: pg 123 together, Do pg 122
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, estimating products, pgs 164-165, do DR 6-2, mixed review 51-59, pg 105, journal
Map: Latitude and Longitude Lines pg. 61
Social: The Weather is Perfect pgs. 204-205, WB 79 & 80
Science: Investigate C80-C81
English: DOL, Using I and Me pg. 119, WB 54 and PM 51
Spelling: Sentence dictation 1-5, pg 123
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, multiplying a two-digit number, no renaming, pgs 166-167, journal
Map: Using Lines to Draw a State pg. 62
Social: Settling the South Graphic Organizer 23 read 208-215
Mavis Beacon: 1:30
Library: 2:00
Health: read 173-179
English: DOL
Spelling: Final test on Unit 19
Reading: Guided Reading
Spanish: 10:00
Map: Casey's Island pg. 63
Weekly Reader
Science: Fossil Formation WB 131 Lesson 1, Vocab. Chapter 3 read C62-C65
St. Pat's Art Project