Lesson Plans
Grade Four 3rd Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 03/18/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Finding words in a Dictionary pgs. 147-149, WB 67-68 PM 66
Spelling: Unit 23 VCCV pattern, Write words to take home. pgs. 144-145
Reading: Students read 362-373 questions from teacher-made ditto
Math: mad minute, Chapter 6 TEST pg. 184, Cum. Review 188-189 teacher-made ditto
Map: Casey's Island pg. 63
Social: Wetlands: A Resource read pgs. 238-241, graphic organizer 27 teacher-made ditto TE 239
Science: Earth's Atmosphere Vocab for Chapter 10 read D6-D9
Health: Study Guide Chapter 6
English: DOL
Spelling: Extra ditto Unit 23
Math: mad minute, Chapter 6 Ditto TEST, calculator ditto
Map: What will they Be? pg. 69
Social: Read 238-241 WB 95 and 96
Science: Read D6-D9 lesson 1 WB 141, questions 1-5 pg. D9 and WB 145
Health: Nursing Home
English: DOL, Creative Writing "Spiders in the Bedroom" pg. 22
Spelling: pg. 147 WB do togther, DO WB pg. 146
Math: mad minute, Chapter 7 Two-digit quotients-no remainders pgs. 192-193, DO DR 7-1
Map: Land in South America pg. 71
Social: Space Technology graphic organizer 28, read 246-251
Science: Air and Weather read D12-D17
English: DOL, Choosing the right definition pgs. 150-151
Spelling: Sentence Dictation 1-5 pg.147
Math: mad minute, Review pgs. 192-193, Journal, DO #23-37 pg. 193
Map: Comparing Two States pg. 72
Social: Read 246-251 WB 97 and 98
Mavis Beacon 1:30
Library: 2:00
Health: Study Guide Chapter 6
English: DOL
Spelling: TEST Unit 23
Spanish: 10:00
Map: Types of Land pg. 73
Weekly Reader
Science: Read D12-D17 questions 1-5 pg. D17, WB 141 and 149
Health: Chapter 6 TEST