Lesson Plans
Grade Four 4th Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 04/08/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Review card catalog pgs. 156-159, WB 73-74 PM 70
Spelling: Unit 25 Changing Final y - i, Write words to take home, pgs. 156-157
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, Review Dividing 3-digit numbers pgs. 198-199, Journal, #20-34 pg. 199
Map: North and South Dakota pg. 58
Social: How did glaciers shape the Great Lakes region? Teacher-made ditto pg. 265 WB 103 & 104
Science: Ocean Water "The water cycle" read D34-D37, WB 155 lesson 1
Health: Saying NO to alcohol and tobacco read 218-221
English: DOL, Using an encyclopedia pg. 160 WB 75 PM 71
Spelling: Extra ditto Unit 25
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, Interpreting Answers pgs. 200-201, DR 7-5
Map: What it a political map? pg. 77
Social: Settling the midwest read pgs. 268-273, graphic organizer 30, teacher-made ditto pg. 269
Science: Read D34-D37 questions pg. D37, WB 159
Nursing Home
English: DOL, Creative Writing Planet X pg. 24
Spelling: pg. 159 together DO pg. 158
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute Review pgs. 200-201 Reteaching 7-5, practice 7-5, Journal & checkpoint 1 pg. 201
Map: Counties in Arizona pg. 78
Social: Time Line pg. 270 teacher-made ditto pg. 272 WB 105 & 106
Science: Investigate water currents pgs. D38-D39 WB 162
Health: Read 218-221 Activity Book pg. 44 together, Refuse to Use read 222-223 Activity Book pg. 45
English: DOL, Using a Table of Contents pg. 161, WB 76, PM 72
Spelling: Sentence Dictation 1-5 pg. 159
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, Three-digit quotients, no final remainders pgs. 202-203, DR 7-6
Map: Learning About Australia pg. 79
Social: Living and Working in the Midwest read 274-279
Mavis Beacon
Library: 2:00
Science: Weekly Reader
Health: How Alcoholics and Tobacco Users get help read pgs. 224-227
Spelling: Unit 25 TEST
Spanish: 10:00
Dictionary: Ex. 45 Accent Marks
Social: read 274-279, graphic organizer 31, Teacher made ditto pg. 275
Teacher-made ditto pg. 278, WB 107 & 108
Science: Ocean Movements read D40-D45, WB 155 Lesson 2
Health: Activity Book pgs. 46-47
Weekly Reader
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