Lesson Plans
Grade Four 4th Q 01.02--Erickson Lesson Plans
Week: 05/20/2002 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
English: DOL, Chapter 11 test
Spelling: Review Unit 30, take home words, pg 186, practice writing words
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: Mad Minute, 1-digit quotients, pgs. 308-309
Map: Measuring Distance on a map, pg 37
Social: View from Outer Space, Read 328-329, WB 127, WB 128
Science: States of Matter, Vocab for Chapter E1, Read pgs 6-9, WB 183, Lesson 1
Health: Preventing Air, Water and Land Pollution, Read 282-287
English: DOL, Adjectives, pgs 219-221
Speling: Pg 187, practice writing words
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: Mad minute, 1-digit quotients, pgs 308-309, #32-41, pg 309
Arbor Day Activities
Social: Settling the West, Graphic Organizer 37, Read pgs 330-335
Science: Read pgs 6-9, WB 187, Investigate pgs 10-11
Health: Nursing Home
English: DOL, Adjectives, pgs 219-221, WB 101-102, PM 94
Spelling: pg 188, practice writing words
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, two-digit quotients, pgs 312-313
Arbor Day Activities
Social: read 330-335, teacher-made ditto for pgs 331, 334, WB 129, WB 130
Science: Measuring the Matter, read 12-15, WB 183, Lesson 2
Health: Read 282-287, Activity Book 57
English: Comparing Adjectives, pgs 222-223, use teacher-made ditto
Spelling: Sentence Dictation, 1-5 pg 189
Reading: Guided Reading
Math: mad minute, Two-digit quotients, pgs 312-313, #28-37, pg 313
Arbor Day Activities
Social: Living and working in the West, pgs 336-339
Mavis Beacon
Health: Ways to practice conservation, read 288-291, Activity Book, pg 58
English: Sentences, pg 221 in English book
Spelling: Unit 30 test
Arbor Day Activities
Social: Read 336-339, Graphic Organizer 38, WB 131, WB 132, The Cowgirl Way, pgs 340-341
Science: Read 12-15, WB 191, Investigate pgs 16-17
Health: Activity Book pg 59, Study Guide Chapter 9