Lesson Plans
Grade Two 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2002 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Reading: We will study words with long vowels-consonant-silent e pattern. We will review the sounds of sh, ch, th, and wh.
Vocabuary: clean, many use, work, world, computer, phone, sign, everything, ready, easier, farm, fix, pound, tools, write.
Comprehension: author's purpose, listening comprehension.
Spelling: We will study the initial consonant digraphs.
child, chin, chip, shape, ship, shut
High-Frequency words: use, world
Challenge: grade, write
Language: We will discuss homophones, predicates, and being a good speaker.

Handwriting: E, e, H, h
Math: We will be subtracting from numbers with sums of 10.
Science: We will observe and describe how cutting, shaping, and mixing changes matter. We will recognize that water can be a solid, liquid, or gas.
Social Studies: Scholastic News Magazine--From Grapevine to Jelly Jar
Students will describe how neighborhoods are alike and different.