Lesson Plans
Grade Two 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/26/2001 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Spelling: bell, off, dress, add, hill, well, egg, will, grass, tell,
at, hot. Challenge words are: brass, skill
Math: The students will be adding through the sum of 13.
8+5, 5+8, 4+9. 9+4, 6+7, 7+6

The students will be adding through 14.
5+9, 9+5, 6+8, 8+6, 7+7
Reading: We will read the story entitled "Daniel's Duck".
The vocabulary is as follows: angry, carve, carvings, backward, knife,
throw, woodcarver, buy, cabin, moccasins, sewed, valley.
We will study word referents (there, this, that); words that end in
"ld, ll, lt, nd"; and drawing conclusions.
English: We are studying special nouns called proper nouns. The
students will learn to capitalize proper nouns. Examples of proper
nouns are: Dean, Elm Street, Lakewood, Wags.

We will be attending the play in Walnut Grove in the afternoon.
Science and Health: We will talk about how the body digests food.

Social Studies: We will be talking about natural resources such as trees,
producers and consumers.