Lesson Plans
Grade Two 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/03/2001 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
This week we have a review of the last six spelling units. The words
are: five, made, side, ate, same, line, bone, nose, these, home, cute,
hope, trip, swim, club, stone, next, glad, lake, ask, truck, black,
back, kick, off, add, hill, well, egg, grass. Elephant words are:
give, have, one goes.
Our Christmas Concert is on December 3 at 7pm. The concert is in the
High School Auditorium.
Math: We will continue to work with sums through 14. We will work with
story problems, also.
Reading: We will be reading the story entitled "The Train Set". The
new words are: engine, coach, caboose, money, bought, sold, dollars,
parcels, nickel, quarter, guess, certainly, early, errands, crazy, and
secret. We will review the sound of "i" and "o" before the letters lt,
ll, ld, nd; and review the "es" sound as in meant. We will decode long
words using specific strategies such as looking for words and word parts
that the student knows; looking for syllables and vowel sounds; blending
the syllables; and trying different vowel sounds.
Science: We will talk about the healthful foods we should eat for a
healthy body.

Social Studies: We will continue to work on our unit about consumers
and producers. We will look at labels to see how products come from
all over the world. We will make a flow chart.
English: We will continue with our work on poetry. This week we will
talk about the limerick and write a couplet.