Lesson Plans
Grade Two 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/10/2001 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Reading: We will be reading "Lee Bennett Hopkings Interviews Aliki".
We will work on the grad. standard of sequencing. The new vocabulary: art,
drew, artist, parents, wrote, music, studied, later, piano, during, and
married. We will study the "wh" sound as in when and whistle. We will
review the long vowel sound in stroll, kind, told, child and colt. We
will review word referents such as it, these, her, and she.
Spelling: We will study more long "a" spellings. We should remember
that "ai" is within a word or syllable and the "ay" spelling is at the
end of a word or syllable. Spelling list: train, way, mail, play,
trail, pay, sail, hay, nail, rain, stay, day. Elephant words are:
they, great. Challenge words are: railroad, subway.
Math: We will be studying the addition facts with sums from 15
through 18.
English: We will review proper nouns that need capitals such as Tom,
Main Street, Lake Shetek, and Dovray. We will study pronouns and the
proper way to use ran, run, came, and come.
Social Studies: We will be studying about Holiday customs around the
world. This week we will talk about Hanukkah and Christmas customs from

Science: We will study about different types of land habitats.