Lesson Plans
Grade Two 3rd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/18/2002 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Spelling: We will study words with long "o" spellings.
Basic List: boat, cold, go, slow, no, old, coat, grow, told, show,
so, say. Challenge words: coast, rainbow
Math: We will continue to work with clocks. We will tell time to
five minute intervals. We will use time to solve problems with
schedules. We will identify the weeks in a month and the days
in a year. We will identify the months in a year and the days in a
We will be reading "Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend".
The vocabulary is as follows: newspaper, pencils, fastened, knots, practice,
probably, cartwheel, collection, field, front, garage, soccer, squawked,
We will recognize and interpret figurative language. We will review
the sound of "ie", "ph" and "ue".
We will learn what scientists have learned about dinosaurs. We will
make a model of a dinosaur. Important words to know: paleontologists,
extinct, reconstruct.

Handwriting: Cursive lower-case letters of c and d will be introduced.
Social Studies: We will write a letter to President Bush.
We will read about other presidents such as Washington and Lincoln. We
will work on a timeline about our first and sixteenth presidents.

English: We will use commas in dates and with names of places.
(Feb.11, 2002 and Canton, Ohio)