Lesson Plans
Grade Two 3rd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/25/2002 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Spelling: We will study vowel sounds as in moon and book.
Basic words are: zoo, food, look, moon, book, soon, took, good, room,
foot, *you, *who, clap, like. Challenge words are: hoof, moose
Math: We will talk about measuring. We will identify centimeters and
use it to measure length. We will identify liters and measure liquid.
We will identify grams and measure weight. We will also measure length
using inches.
Reading: We will read "The Bundle of Sticks".
Vocabulary: argued, break, bundle, group, gathered, sons, clever,
lesson, pasture, south.
We will draw conclusions; review the "ou", and "ou" sounds as in
cloud and cow; and review the "oo" as in shook.
Science: The earth is affected by changes in space and in the atmos-
phere. We will discuss what causes day and night and the changes in the
seasons. We will act out rotation and revolution.
Social Studies: We will read the story about how the Statue of Liberty
came to America. We will begin a unit on mapwork. This week we will stress
directions and how to locate objects using directions.
English: We will practice using the verbs did, done, gave, and given
correctly. We will work with rhyming words. We will review the skills
we have covered in Unit 8.
Handwriting: We will review the following lover-case cursive letters: