Lesson Plans
Grade Two 4th Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/15/2002 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Spelling: We will study the spelling of contractions. Basic list:
I'll, we've, don't, you're, isn't, didn't you'll, I've, hasn't, we'll,
can't, it, us. Challenge words: they're, wouldn't
Math: We will work on problem solving, subtracting 2-digit numbers
using money with and without renaming, and check subtraction with
addition and addition with subtraction.
Reading: We will read "Animals That Migrate". New vocabulary:
mammals, insects, reptiles, salmon, tern, migrate, arctic, dangerous,
Arctic, Bering Sea, California, Chinook, Mexico, North Pole, Pacific,
South Pole, United States, January, February, March, August, example,
north, plankton, pollution, travel, migration, often.
We will read words with "y" changing to "i" before an ending. We review
antonyms and word referents. We will study the grad. standard inferences.
Science: We will observe and compare the properties of solids,
liquids, and gases. We will begin a unit on the changes in matter.
Is it a mixture?
Social Studies: We will continue our unit on Puerto Rico and we will
make a precipitation map.
English: We will work with capitals in the titles of books and stories.
We will read a book and make a book report.