Lesson Plans
Grade Two 4th Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/12/2003 Instructor: Debra Berg Academics
Phonics: R-controlled ear, our and syllable pattern -tion will be studied.
List: earn, flour, heard, heard, learn, sour,
High-frequency: piece, already,
Challenge: action, section
Reading: "Wicker School Takes Action'" will be read. Vocabulary: conditon, scoured, grocery, petition, mural, reaction
High-Frequency: already, buy, nothing, piece, used

We will read "City Green." Its vocabulary: cranky, property, empty, lease, marigolds, zinnias,petition, soil, petunias, sprouting Comprehension: Making Judgments
Math: We will count by 2's and 3's. We will multiply by 2's and 3's.
English: We will discuss the main idea of a paragraph and details that support it. We will find sentences in a paragraph that do not support the main idea.
Handwriting: We will continue to practice capitals and proper connecting of letters. We will stress the capital letters on the names of buildings.
Science and Health: The students will recognize the importance of keeping clean in fighting germs. They will describe way to care for the skin, the eyes, and the ears. They will identify the health benefits of regular, safe exercise and adequate sleep.

Social Studies: Scholastic News and continue the unit on Mexico.