Lesson Plans
High School Choir 9-12 4th Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/20/2015 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Uff Da! I am looking forward to a "normal" week where we can work in our music, our standards and move forward in our goals and curriculum!
We DO have 6 students who will participate in All State FFA Choir next weekend. They have recordings I did for them that can be downloaded through Google Drive and practiced on their own. Dynamic Sound will be getting together this week too to learn an additional piece for our upcoming concert. That concert is in 12 school days

Voice Skills:we are continuing our work on the "Fundamentals for Personal Best Singing" This week we will focus on articulation of consonants, creating space for matched and shaped vowels, maintaining relaxation of the face and jaw, keeping the throat open and relaxed, while lifting the soft palate.
Vocabulary terms
Literacy: we are continuing with the key of G and e minor sight singing in 3 and four parts, as well as rounds. We will gear up for sight singing tests
Music Analysis: new green analysis sheet to do "Homeward Bound"
Listening Analysis: review what we learned listening to our solo/ensemble students and giving them feedback: what is necessary to create a good listening experience for others
Nine Hundred Miles - vowels, consonants, and dynamics, balance
Cantar - get ending learned, and same as above
Homeward Bound - get it learned
Happy - relearn