Lesson Plans
High School Choir 9-12 2nd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/10/2014 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Voice Skills:
Breath energy for blend
Resonance exercises and concepts and vocabulary
Anatomy of breath process for level two
Continued practice on concept of intonation
Begin work on attacks and releases of phrasing
Music Reading Skills:
Continue work on singing chromatic scale,
Continue work singing major and minor 2nds and 3rds
Continue work on singing minor scale
Sightsing Level One Key of c
Sight sing Level Two Key of g
Both groups continued practice on writing home tones both clefs
Vocabulary for both levels
Analysis Skills:
Melody analysis of "Born Neath a Star"
Harmony analysis of "Born Neath a Star"
"Feliz Navidad
Repertoire Work:
Born Neath a Star: notes and rhythms
Patapan; rhythms and articulation of breath and consonants, intonation
Feliz Navidad: introduce this week; use a PowerPoint
Go Tell on Mountain: choose solos and duets
Formative assessing on voice skills
Summative assessing on singing major and minor 2nd intervals, CM and GM exercises
Summative assessment on Home Tones