Lesson Plans
High School Choir 9-12 3rd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/13/2014 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
We are working away at our music for Saturday's Barbershop Clinic!
On Thursday we will kick off our annual cookie dough sales event!
Students will make a choice or two for songs for next concert. Also, we are encouraging solos and duets for next concert. We will soon hand out survey sheets for contest interest in the spring. Dynamic Sound starts on Thursday.
Voice Skills:
this quarter it is "Four Fundamentals of Music Interpretation".
The first concept is Breath Energy impacts the following: articulation, intonation, tone, phrasing. We will be addressing each of these in the next two weeks.
Music Reading Skills:
We will be working diligently in the Key of G with a variety of rhythm patterns. We will review intervals from last quarter, and add half step chromatic intervals and fifths.We will do lots of practice dictations and drill home tone practice as well
Music Analysis and Listening Analysis:
Barbershop music is rather confusing to read at first, especially in 8 parts and when girls have to read bass clef. It is also confusing the way parts frequently overlap. So much of our analysis work will be on deciphering the Barbershop scores this week as we drill our parts.