Lesson Plans
High School Choir 9-12 3rd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/19/2015 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
We will be working on Barbershop music this week, the clinic is on Saturday. This year it is in Windom!
We will start on our second piece for contest, while continuing to learn parts on our first song.
All music for solo and ensemble contest has been chosen and a good portion of it has been recorded. We will assemble folders this week and start rehearsals with a lesson schedule.
Voice Skills:
Vocabulary words, short assessment on first overarching concept: Breath energy is needed for articulation, tone, and good intonation. Also sections sing for each other

Start resonance which is part of the next overarching concept of what is needed to deliver beautiful text
Music Literacy Skills:
Key C
Key G
Writing simple
Music Analysis Skills/Listening Skills:
Our analysis skills standard will consist of working on our second piece Benedictus. Students have copies that they can make markings with colored pencils
We will listen to recordings of our first piece Suo Gan and determine what we are hearing that we can emulate in our performance and practice
Suo Gan: note learning, breath phrasing, rhythms
Benedictus: analysis
Happy: split up melody lines, learn harmony
Sweet Caroline: overview, learn parts
Let It Go: overvies and learn parts