Lesson Plans
History 10 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2002 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Hand out tape Q's for l910-1919
Discuss excerpts from "The Great War" by Fussell
Discuss tape "The Great War"
Discuss how countries came into war because of "Entangling Alliances"-map/visual
Hand out Study guide-work
Map work.
Book notes on Board about Chapt. 21
Map work
Start tape, l910-1919
Study guide work
Continue notes on WWI-Chapt., 21
Finish tape on l910-1919
Why were we drawn into the war?
Time to work on study guide.
Finish work on WWI
Prep for test over Chapt. 21-review
Watch more "The Great War"
Test over Chapt. 21-Mid-terms next week.
Worksheets over Chapt. 22-The Jazz Age
Work on own rest of period.
Friday-give overview of project to start before end of Qtr. 1
What are some topics of interest/ what to do with that topic, once approved?????