Lesson Plans
History 9 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/19/2007 Instructor: Lynn Arndt Academics
Northward Bound Program
No Class
Video "North Country" ---story of women/unions/work in iron mines in Northern MN; sexual harasssment; class action law suit
Finish North Country video--
Discuss issues proposed here--why didn't the union protect the women?
They paid dues just like the men, etc.
Break students into groups of three--have them discuss the issues and complete the group project worksheet on moving--new house, new town, new state, new country. Their reactions to the emotions the second wave of immigrants must have felt as they moved here.

Look at the picture on 605-606. What do we notice as we look at this NYC picture?
C 21 Section 1---the new wave of immigrants.
Who were they?
Why did they come?
Where did they work and live?