Lesson Plans
Human Development 2nd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/14/2016 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
First we will look at the scientific method and how research works in human development studies. And students will prepare to debate nature vs. nurture.
Work on nature v. nurture wksht - Due tomorrow
We will finish our notes on studying human development and have a short debate/discussion on nature versus nurture and then play a kahoot to review for a test tomorrow.
We will start class with a debate/discussion on nature vs. nurture. During the second half of class students will play a kahoot to review for a test tomorrow. After they finish the review game they will start their first life stage analysis and study for the test.
Test on Unit 1 Human Development & Nature V. Nurture. After the test students will fill out their pre-analysis of what they think happens during the prenatal stage of life. If time remains we will begin notes on the first stage of life, prenatal development.
Class will start talking about conception and early embryonic development. Students will use microscopes to look at early chicken embryos and compare them to pictures of early human embryos.
Embryo comparison - due Monday