Lesson Plans
Intro to Agriculture 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/29/2007 Instructor: Josh Barron Academics
Ice cream lab
Parly Pro
Main motions voting
Gavel taps
Parly Pro
Privileges Motions
Adjourn Recess Raise a question of Frivilege
Calll for orders of the day
Parly Pro Subsidiary Motions
Motions that alter, change or dispose of main motions
Lay on the table, Call for Previous question, Postpone Devinetely, Refer to a committee,
Amend, Postpone indefinitely
Parly Pro Incidental Motions and Un classified motions
Correct ill-advised actions or motions that do not fit in any other categories
Point of order, and division
Reconcider, Resind, take from the table
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