Lesson Plans
Intro to Shop Period 5 4th Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/04/2005 Instructor: Bill Fredin Academics
I will demonstrate and explain the safety rules of all the machines that the students are going to use throughout the class. After I demonstrate the machines, each student has to demonstrate to me that they can operate the machine safely. They have to finish this before they can move on to making their project.
We will continue on the safety demonstrations on the machines.
We will continue on the safety demonstrations on the machines. After we are done with that, we will firgure out a bill of material for the night stand. I will show them how to figure board feet and the cost of the materials they will be using.
We will start doing the night stand today. We start by doing the sides first. I help them cut the sides on the table saw because the sheets of plywood are too big for them to handle by themselves.
We cut the dado and rabbit joints in the sides. I set up the saw and the students all run their own boards through the saw. I also will demonstrate how to change the blade on the table saw and explain what a dado blade looks like and how it works.
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